Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Linux Mint 15, slightly more minty, but only slightly

Linux Mint is back but is it still king? In this latest release for major things just consult my Mint 14 review I will cover what I noticed in terms of changes there maybe more changes but this is what I as an average user noticed.

New login screen: Wow I love the new login screen, just click a username and the design is pleasing and well designed yet professional looking. I have had no problems with it and think it is a change for the positive, but hardly anything extraordinary, wow a login screen that is well laid out and works and lets you click your user name, not the kind of innovation that Mint needs.

Mints user experience has not changed drastically if at all since I started using it around Mint 12. Cinnamon is nice but nothing innovative, I agree with Brian Lunduke, who during his why Linux sucks mention all the forks of Gnome to get that classic feel. Change will happen, it doesn't always feel like progress at first but as it grows it will eventually become the norm. The whole forking issue would be like when vista came out if a large group of Microsoft developers spent their time and man power trying to recreate XP and by the time they got it Windows 7 is out and it is significantly better than Vista. SO cinnamon is nice but a worthless endeavor and holding back progress. I am starting to swing towards enlightenment as me DE.

Issues: I had to do a work around to get ppa's working and seeing as I watch lots of Netflix this was inconvenient but an easy fix, but not easy enough for a beginner who might have tried mint based on a recommendation from a friend.

All in all this was not a review because I don't feel that there was enough new to warrant another review. This release threw me back into the cutting edge arms of Arch and I guess I can thank it for that.

Pics of the login screen Progress: