Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Dissecting "Dispelling FUD About Ubuntu by: Matt Hartley"

The article starts by saying that Linux users are up at arms at every change Ubuntu makes. The changes Ubuntu makes currently does effect another very popular disto. Linux Mint users have every reason to analyze and be wary of the decisions that Ubuntu is making. On the issue of Ubuntu switching to a more closed inner circle development, the angered reaction from the community is understandable.

I agree with the article that Flash was not Canonical's responsibility. Also Ubuntu is more mainstream and accepted outside the community than other ditros and that is why it is always first to be supported. 

The amazon feature no matter how creepy, is just not necessary. The problem is in the way Shuttleworth handled it, by saying "We have a right to your data." This only angered the community.

The article concludes with  presenting the idea the Ubuntu is a gift and not a right. That is a 100% correct. People need to stop treating Ubuntu like a right and appreciate as a gift. If you don't like it you can make the choice to switch to a non Ubuntu based disto.

All in all the article made a lot of valid points. It was a great condensed way to rebut all of the wild Ubuntu criticisms. But remember some of those critics have been some of FOSS's biggest figures. For example Richard Stallman called the amazon auto search referral system spyware. I felt that the article could have mentioned some of the people behind the criticisms.

Original Article: Dispelling FUD About Ubuntu by: Matt Hartley

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